What are you afraid of?

spring-938593It’s been a while since I posted something. Lots have been going on in my life in the past few months, some great some challenging. First I was very blessed with two new grandbabies! baby Max, and baby Elise. Then, of course, all the holidays, shopping, etc. and in between it all, I find out I have to have a hysterectomy. Luckily everything went very well, and I am recovering nicely. Finally, and most importantly, I quit my per diem “day job” and I came off with some life lessons.

I should have done this months ago, and kept hanging on for no good reason except my own head.

So here I am, a new chapter in my life, full of possibilities! My time is now completely my own. I can truly dive in completely to my network marketing business, and into my blog. I’ve had time to think and evaluate what’s happened. Fear has kept me back from taking that plunge. Fear of the unknown, the “what ifs” always negative. Trying to hold onto security, to what I’ve known all my life. But the irony of it is, that I was never secure in any “day job”. I see I was always meant to be an entrepreneur. Like my mother always said to me, “work for yourself”, there’s nothing better than that! No one can control your life. She was a very successful calligrapher and entrepreneur herself. She was right!

I have been doubting myself and my network marketing business yet, during this entire time that I was basically not doing much of any work, a check still came in every month!  Do you think that happened with my “real job”??  Residual income. It’s true. It really does work! But it took for me to go through this challenge, this step of finally letting go of that “day job” to see it.

So now a wonderful new window has opened for me. It’s a blessing that I finally had the guts to walk away from a job that was only draining me physically and mentally. I feel a breath of fresh air, of new life! Of so many possibilities. Perfect timing as this is my birthday month. So I am making February the beginning of my year!

So be fearless! Whatever has stopped you from taking that next step? Take it!  It’s only fear that’s keeping you from your goals. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of acceptance, fear of being alone, fear of security, fear of the future, the past. All the “what ifs” and excuses we make for ourselves.

Take a look at yourself and see if this sounds familiar?  Then jot down the following:

What are some things you keep saying you are going to do and you still have not?

What excuses have you given yourself for not accomplishing them?

What are your fears? Write them down and take a look at what’s holding you back.

Then, the most important step is to take action on each one and check out the results in a couple of months.

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