Are you giving your customers what they want?

What does your target market want?

Today I had my first experience in finding out what my target market wanted to see, and what to focus on to better serve those who will visit my website. As an entrepreneur, we all have great ideas of what we would like to put out there. Whether it's a service or a product. It's always about what WE think might work. But that's where we fail, as it's not about us it is about the people we are serving. The pitfall is people don't do their research to see what people actually want. People will buy the benefit you are providing. Focus on the results.

So, before I started chasing my tail, I decided to do this step first! I wanted to get an idea of what people want to see from my website before I spend tons of time and energy just to find out no one cares to visit it, as it's not what they are looking for.

How I did it

First I did a simple survey on Survey Monkey. It's free for the-the first 100 responses, easy to set up (they even have templates) and easy to get all the results in a compact manner.

I also pulled out some old profiles I had from prospects and tallied all the results. I was pretty surprised to find out that some of the biggest issues people were dealing with were not what I had in mind. For example, I had no idea people were more interested in Inspirational topics over some of the other health or beauty topics I listed. Also, their method for learning or tuning in was also completely not what I had imagined either. I really thought a Blog would be what people are more likely to read, yet my market wants videos or webinars! Had I started out blogging away on a bunch of health topics, I may have wasted lots of time, and not have the same results.

Lesson learned

Do your market research first before you start up on your entrepreneur idea. It can save you so much time, energy, and lots of money too. That way you can laser focus on your target and give your prospective market exactly what they want.

Ways to do this?

Talk with people, find out what they are dealing with. What's their biggest issue they want to tackle within your expertise? Run a survey. Create a profile they can fill out with questions that will lead you to their interests. Do some research online to see what problems people are struggling with, what would they like to see? Check out the social media on what people are posting, or what pages they "like" on Facebook. That gives a pretty good peak on their interests.

Remember it's all about them—NOT you!

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