Granny’s Chicken Soup

Grannies always make the best chicken soup

IMG_4306Chicken soup is nature’s immunity booster. I think it is one of the best remedies for not only colds and flu, but anytime you want to boost your immune system. 

Here’s why:
As per the research, it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in loosening up that mucous and congestion. It's also very hydrating, and comforting too!

I like to add some extra green leafy veggies as they are full of iron, protein, and fiber which helps with getting rid of those toxins from the body. Celery is really good for toxin removal as well. Oregano is a natural immunity booster and has antimicrobial properties.

Anytime someone is getting a cold in my house, I immediately go put a pot of chicken soup on the stove. This is a recipe I put together based on many years of different recipes I learned from my mom, and other “old wives” as I call them :).  I created my own variation, and named it “Granny’s Chicken Soup” since my grandkids all call me “Granny” lol.  My Cuban roots also taught me to add some lemon juice once served as it adds a little citrus flavor and Vitamin C (great fro colds), and makes it taste extra good!             So here it is.

Ingredients: I use all organic or home grown IMG_4304

1 whole organic chicken
large pot of water
1 green pepper
1 onion (prefer Vidalia)
4 cloves garlic
2 tomatoes
2 ears corn cut in 3 sections
2 stalks celery
couple stalks kale and/or spinach
2 carrots
Salt and pepper to taste
2 large chicken bouillon or chicken stock cubes
Angel hair noodles
1 tsp Bijol natural yellow coloring powder

IMG_4298You have to put the whole chicken in the pot of water, as you need all that yellow chicken fat, as that's where the majority of the good “immune boosting” stuff is! Just be sure you are using organic chicken. You don't want to boil in hormones and antibiotics from non-organic chickens. 

While the chicken is cooking, cut up and prepare the other ingredients.

IMG_4305Be sure to skim off the foam that forms on top of the pan as the soup begins to heat up. 
Once you have all the foam gone, lower the heat to medium, to medium low simmer for about 2 hours, until the chicken is fully cooked.

Cut up the veggies and other herbs into small chunks. I like fresh veggies and herbs, so I don't really measure, just take a few sprigs. I have my own little herb garden where I love getting my fresh herbs and tomatoes. Yummy! IMG_4301

Remove the chicken from the pot and add all the other ingredients and chopped up veggies to the pot and simmer for another hour until the flavor starts to seep through.

Cut up the chicken and add the amount you like to the soup. You can use the rest for chicken salad, chicken fried rice, or anything else you like.
Add the noodles at the very end and simmer an additional 10 mins.
Enjoy!  IMG_4213

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