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Time is money! In other words, to most, time is just as precious as money, or even more so. Having the time and freedom to enjoy your life!

I coach wellness entrepreneurs on my team in network marketing with tips on how to successfully run their business so they can have financial freedom.

People that are new to network marketing are lost as to where to start, they have trouble believing in the industry and have no background in the subject. They listen to everyone around them, advice online, books, etc. and it's overwhelming. It leads to frustration and people give up and quit.

Most people think of network marketing as a “pyramid” that is sleazy, dirty, slimy or icky. Does the “used car salesman” come to mind? They have been brought up to think that working hard at a steady job is the only way to really make money. They have bad past experiences with sales.

But that’s not the how it really is. I will take you by the hand and show you how to deal with issues such as:

  • Lack of faith or knowledge in MLM or network marketing
  • Fear to approach or speak/sell to others and overcoming objections.
  • Overcoming the fear of communicating or selling. Getting over feeling “yucky” about selling.
  • How to follow up on clients—the fortune is in the follow-up!
  • Staying focused, and goal setting.
  • How to “work it” for your business. How to add a network marketing side hustle to your existing salon, gym, or other business.

Plus—the best part is you will start with all of the above AND all of these tools included when you join my team!

On my Arbonne team, you will get a “turn key” “out of the box” business with very little overhead, or inventory to keep. All from an established (over 30 yrs in the business) company of pure vegan botanically based Swiss premium products that sell themselves.

This is what you get:

Step by step videos, articles, and instructional materials on product knowledge, and personal growth from top experts and leaders in the business.

Education on how to make appropriate recommendations on products, based on the teams combined professional experience (nurses, MDs, aestheticians, salon owners, nutritionists, fitness trainers etc).

Website tutorials via Arbonne University. Including everything you need to know how to set up and work this business. How to coach other new consultants. Website training on how to place orders, etc.

Education on the proven business model of network marketing that will bring you residual income for the years to come from work you do once. Leverage your time so you can have time to do the things you love to do!

Weekly coaching conference calls from our VPs as well as from our own team members.

Live conferences with top leaders in the business in places such as Las Vegas, and Orlando Fl.

Access to our private online website and FB group for all educational materials and webinars.

Provide strategies and training in social media network marketing, as well as how to set up your own website.

35%—80% off all the wonderful products—all the time! Plus commissions and overrides on all orders.

Mercedes-Benz auto bonus, incentive trips, tiffany jewelry, and more!

An entire team of other professionals to help and coach you through the entire experience for as long as you are part of our team.

Social gatherings, networking with other professionals, meeting great new people and making lasting friendships.

A change to grow and step out of your comfort zone. To learn new things, experience new opportunities.

Personal use of one of the best beauty and wellness products on the market! Recommended and tested by top medical experts in the field including the Mayo Clinic. At a great discount.

Access to me anytime—phone, text, email, FB group, web page


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to join? How much do I have to spend?

It’s a $79 sign up fee  ($30 renewal fee yearly) which includes 35% discount for a year, your own website, and access to all of the above. There are “success” start packages available depending on your needs. To be successful and start your business on the right foot, we recommend you set aside at least $1000-$1500 initially so you can have a product base to be able to recommend to others. You cannot make recommendations without trying the products yourself. You just replace what you are currently buying with products you buy from yourself! There’s no risk, as if you decide it’s not for you, you will keep all those wonderful products for yourself anyway!

Is this selling.? Do I have to sell?

Although network marketing is a “recommendation” and word of mouth business, you must be comfortable with “selling”. Anyone involved in a business is going to be selling in some form or another. We will help you to overcome your fear and distaste for selling and you will see this in a completely different light.

What is Network Marketing

Is a word of mouth business that allows you to leverage our time within your network to create passive income. Also known as direct sales, or relationship sales, multi-level marketing, referral marketing or social marketing. It is a sound business model that is now being taught in business schools across the world. The network marketing profession produces at least 30 billion in annual sales by 10 million US based direct sellers.

Think of the average company model out there: There's a CEO at the top of the company, under him are several VPs, with Directors and managers and supervisors under them, and then there’s the employee. No one at the top is going to give up their spot. All the employees at the bottom are working hard to male those at the top richer. Sound familiar? What does that look like ??

Now take Network Marketing. There are many VP’s at the top, with lots of managers and many direct sellers at the bottom. Hoverer, the big difference here, is that ANY one of those direct sellers at the bottom can become managers and VPs anytime they want, and there is ALWAYS room at the top with no glass ceiling! Anyone that works their business right can make it there! You are making the income you want for yourself and your business! And that income becomes passive income.

How much time will this take?

Nothing happens by itself. You have to dedicate time to any business especially if you want it to be successful. You will need to carve out 5-10 hours per week to this, but you can do that any way you like. It’s a wonder how much time we actually waste everyday. Check it out. How many hours do you waste watching TV, or browsing on FB, or checking emails out of boredom? When you really want something in your life, you will find the time. Its usually the busiest people that are the most productive.

Five years from now—where do you want to be? If you keep doing what you are doing now will you get there?

“There is just one life for each of us: our own.” --Euripides

Lock arms with me—and join my team!

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