Recipe–Starfruit Mojito

I have a Starfruit tree, and I was never a big fan of the fruit except for salads and stuff. Thanks to a friend, I learned you can make all kinds of things with Starfruit. So I decided to try one the other night. It was Friday, and time for happy hour so I decided to make some Starfruit Mojitos!  Here it is:

4-6 Ripe Starfruits

Inch of ginger

Teaspoon raw honey

1 orange

Mint sprigs

1 oz Rum or Champagne (Sparkling Wine)

Splash of Perrier or Club Soda


Take a few ripe Starfruits and juice them in a juicer. Don’t use a Nutri bullet because it will be too thick with all the fiber and stuff. You only want the juice. Add the orange and ginger to the juicer as well. Mull the mint sprigs with the honey and rum at the bottom of a tall glass ,┬áthen add the ice then add the juice and a splash of the perrier and garnish with some mint. Enjoy this refreshing mojito!

By the way, Starfruit is very low calorie (only 35) has great anti-oxidant properties, and is a good diuretic too. It has a sweet and tangy tart taste.

Starfruit Mojito

Starfruit Mojito

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  1. Gus Miranda

    They look nutritous and delicious !

  2. Monique

    Sure looks refreshing ! Yum


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