CHarity Zayas R.N.

CHarity Zayas R.N.

Charity Zayas R.N.

"Living in my Miami has been challenging for my skin. The humidity and heat causes negative effects on it. I've battled Acne and Rosacea for many years. I  have tried an array of expensive products all with no avail. Until I was introduced to Arbonne. My skin now is glowing and dewy and my breakouts have diminished. I have established an easy routine with the products. Not only are they affordable but my skin looks radiant.  I get complemented constantly on my skin.  Thanks to Arbonne 40 never looked so good. "

Laurette Ellis M.D

Laurette Ellis M.D

Laurette Ellis M.D.

"I have had the privilege of being introduced to Arbonne products by Liana Tidwell. She is an excellent representative for these products as she has the qualities it takes to introduce these products to her clientele. I have been using Arbonne products for the past year now.The Body Wash and Lotions are great. They smell squeaky clean and are not greasy or heavy.  Both feel very pleasant to the skin. I purchased the chocolate flavored Protein Shake Mix. This works great for my lifestyle as I use it as either a supplement for a light meal or just as a snack during the day. It curbs my chocolate cravings and I get plenty of protein instead. I've used the facial products as well and have found great results.These products seem all very well thought out.  I am very familiar with products from Switzerland and know that they use only the best."

Arlene Leyva M.S. Psych

"I have a 13 year old son who has sensitive skin since a young age. It has always been a challenge with his skin especially now being a teenager. I have tried Certaphil with little success   and several of Aveeno products which irritated his skin. After consulting with an Arbonne Representative-Liana I tried the Acne products from Arbonne and very pleased with the results. His face has been clearing up and his skin is not dry nor irritated after use."

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